University Forum for Human Resource Development – Research and Practice across Europe – Edinburgh 2014

Alicja Miś


The article presents a report on the Conference UFHRD – Research and Practice across Europe, which was held in June 2014, in Edinburgh. The Conference was entitled: Reflecting upon the Past, Shaping the Future, and was the 15th edition in an annual cycle. The aim of the Conference was to announce new theories, paradigms and conceptual framework that will make the emerging discipline HRD more adequate in explaining contemporary issues. 220 participants took part in the conference’s plenary, parallel and poster sessions. The Conference allowed for the formulation of new questions and new perspective on the ”old” questions in the context of the discipline’s changing environment. The conference revealed the need to reconceptualise the purposes of HRD in the modern world. It also focused on HRD ”clients” and pointed out the most appropriate HRD results in a changing world.


Human Resource Development, research on HRD, practice of HRD

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